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How to Face the Day Smoothly with VITAMAN



Are you one of those guys that wakes up each morning dreading the 'Shave Ritual' as an evil necessary? 

Well check out VITAMAN’s 7 easy steps to turn your morning shave from pain, into pleasure!

1.Go with the grain.

Always shave with the direction of hair growth, and remember that it does change across different areas of your face. Knowing this will make a world of difference to your daily shaving routine!

2. Scrub your face

Use a Face Scrub at least twice a week to exfoliate. It makes for a smoother shave, prevents blackheads and acne. Make sure it’s a gentle natural based scrub; chemicals damage your small blood capillaries leaving your skin red and blotchy. Try VITAMAN Face Scrub 100ml (which is also anti-bacterial).

3. Soften the hairs

Apply a warm, damp face cloth to the face and neck area 3-4 times until the cloth starts to cool. This helps soften the toughest of beard growths, while also raising the hair follicle up and off the skin allowing for a closer shave with your blade. It also helps increase blood circulation to the area, which also warms the skin, again allowing for a closer and smoother shave without dragging on the hair follicles.

4. Oil up

For very coarse beard growth, you can additionally apply a few drops of a natural warming Pre-Shave Oil, which will give a increased benefit of the above and also allow the blade to cut through coarser hair much easier without pulling or dragging, reducing skin irritation and inflammation. VITAMAN sells an amazing 100% natural warming VITAMAN Shave Oil 50ml

5. Avoid foam

Don't use any foaming or lathering Shave Creams, regardless of their marketing; although we are used to the foam and soap, these are guys’ worst nightmares! Made with chemicals and alcohols, that dry out and irritate sensitive skin! Instead, a moisturizing natural shave creme such as VITAMAN Shave Creme 150ml doesn't contain artificial fragrances or colours and hence avoids skin reactions.

6. Save alcohol for Friday night

Time to man up and throw that horrible alcohol aftershave out the bathroom window! Forget the massive marketing from these cheap product brands as they dry and irritate skin. The goal of post-shave is to cool, soothe and calm the skin, while reducing redness, heat or friction related skin irritation. VITAMAN After Shave Balm 100ml is perfect for this. The VITAMAN balm even doubles as a treatment for severe sunburn, minor burns and insect bites!

7. Keep your razor sharp as a tack

Just like a blunt knife struggles to slice properly, a blunt razor can start to drag on your skin and pull beard growth! It’s almost certain to cause shave rash, so buy up your blades in bulk so you never run out! A great tip is to rinse your blade under running hot water. Hot steel cuts closer and sharper!

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