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Get the Professional Barber Finish At Home with VITAMAN


Did you know that most men were never taught to shave properly, using harmful shaving techniques learnt from their father or older brother and following incorrect shaving steps from TV shows and shaving commercials. It’s time they learnt the right shaving etiquette and ditch those grooming habits that have caused them more harm than charm.

We recommend using only Natural Grooming Products that are specifically designed for men’s skin, particularly from VITAMAN’s Shaving range.

Follow this step by step guide:

Step 1: Face and Body Cleanser

VITAMAN’s Face and Body Cleanser is a natural plant-derived moisturising cleanser with anti-bacterial extracts (suitable for all skin types) that will leave your skin feeling clean and alive. It will not only remove impurities, excess oil and dirt, it will also soften your beard, helping to lift the hair off the skin, ready to shave.

Prior to shaving, gently lather the face and neck with VITAMAN’s Face and Body Cleanser and warm water. You can also use a shaving brush as this helps lift the hairs prior to shaving. Remember that the heat of the water dilates the blood vessels on your skin’s surface which in turn relaxes your pores. When the pore is relaxed, the hair within it becomes loose and pliable, making it easier to shave. You can also cleanse over a basin with warm water or use a hot wet towel (Tip: resting the hot towel on your face or neck for a good 30 seconds will help prepare your skin prior to shaving just like the barbers).

Step 2: Shaving Oil

VITAMAN’s Shave Oil is a 100% natural oil product that contains unique Australian plant and herbal extracts that will warm your skin, increasing blood flow and helps soften the beard and condition your skin.

Applying VITAMAN’s Shave Oil will not only provide a protective film between your blade and skin, but it will allow an easier razor glide. It’s perfect for coarse beards as it softens the hair. It’s also great for sensitive skin, ingrown hairs or pimples as it provides an extra barrier of protection. It helps prevent razor burn, redness or skin irritation and leaves the skin feeling smooth!

Massage a small amount of oil against the grain of the beard so it can help lift the hairs in preparation for the shave.

Step 3: Shaving Gel

VITAMAN’s Shaving Gel is totally clear with healing and soothing ingredients and allows you to see where you’re shaving. It’s anti-inflammatory and is perfect for sensitive skin. Before shaving, it’s important to analyse your beard growth to establish the direction of your hair growth.

Apply an even layer of gel (not too thick) onto the face and neck. Once you’ve established the direction of your hair growth, shave WITH the direction and ACROSS (do NOT shave against the direction). Remember to use hot water to prepare the razor blade as a hot blade cuts more efficiently. Re-apply gel during your shave as many times as necessary as this will protect your skin from razor burn.

Step 4: After Shave Balm

After shaving, rinse your face and neck with plenty of cool water and gently pat dry. Cool water will help calm your skin. By shaving, you inadvertently remove a thin layer of skin each time. This new skin is sensitive, needing care and hydration. Using VITAMAN’s After Shave Balm will reduce irritation and redness and will cool your skin. To apply it, take a small amount and gently pat it onto all areas of the face and neck that have been shaved using your finger tips. This soothing balm cools and calms skin inflammation redness, and prepares it for moisturiser.

Shave Essentials Pack Offer (Limited Time Only)

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The pack includes:

  • VITAMAN’s Face and Body Cleanser 250ml
  • VITAMAN’s Shave Oil 50ml
  • VITAMAN’s Shave Gel 150ml
  • VITAMAN’s After Shave Balm 100ml

Using Australia’s purest and most potent ingredients, this pack is proven to leave you with a professional barber finish at home.

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