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VitaMan Story

VITAMAN was born from a desire to address the grooming needs of Australia's diverse assortment of men, using only Australia's finest ingredients.  With our own backyard as a living lab to learn the ins and outs of men's skin and hair, we were able to create an effective product range perfect for men the world over.


Unlike any men's grooming brand available today.

Made 100% in Sydney, Australia.

The only premium, all-natural, all-Australian men's brand in the market.

Spa-quality product range formulated specifically to address men's unique groooming needs, using only native Australian botanicals sourced adhering to the highest purity and quality standards.

Potent organic white tea base has more powerful antioxidants and active skin and hair benefits than typical water-based products.

So natural, the products are practically edible!

- No harmful synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or unncessary colours

- Free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, glycols, mineral oil, DEA, TEA, ethanol and lanolin

- Cruelty free, never tested on animals

- Environmentally-consicous, fully recyclable packaging

How It All Began

Breaking the status quo.  Pioneering a movement.

VITAMAN founder and resident Sydney-sider, Clare Matthews, experienced Beauty Therapist, International Skincare Lecturer and former Salon Owner, spotted the men's grooming trend in Australia well ahead of the curve - and saw an opportunity that could not be missed.

So after extensive research - and gaining a newfound appreciation for indigenous biochemistry - a love for formulating great skincare products emerged as Clare's passion and unique differentiator in the marketplace.  And in December 1999 at the height of Australian summer, VITAMAN launched as the true pioneer in men's grooming.

Now having celebrated its 15th anniversary, Clare remains dedicated to ensuring that VITAMAN continues its legacy of being the most innovative, effective and unique men's skincare, haircare and grooming product range available today.




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