5 Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

A lot of guys might think having super thick hair would be like winning the lottery. We reckon in a way they’re right. Sure, lottery winners get heaps of cash and adulation, but more often than not, winning big turns into losing even bigger, with many experiencing bankruptcy, divorce, prison time and worse!

Likewise, thick hair can be fantastic, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks and issues. Very thick hair can be unruly and difficult to manage. It can have the paradoxical problem of being greasy at the root but dry and brittle down the length. That’s because thick hair can make it difficult for a hairbrush and shampoo to reach the scalp, so the oil gets stuck and builds up on the scalp instead of being distributed down the length, which leaves the rest of the hair drier than a dead dingo’s donger (that’s dry!). 

The wrong hairstyles for men with thick hair can make what should be a beautiful gift look like a crazy helmet or a cartoon villain’s hairdo, depending on the texture of the hair in question. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to work with thick hair to maximize its natural glory. Thinning shears, hair brushes, and leave-in conditioners are all a thick-haired bloke’s best mates. Most important of all is picking the right cut. Let us present to you a variety of options for long and short hairstyles for thick hair.


 quiff haircut for men with thick hair

1. The “Quiff”

Not just an old-fashioned British term for a promiscuous sheila, a quiff is a variation on the undercut hairstyle, with short sides and longer hair on top. The thing that makes a quiff special is that the front is styled up and back. It definitely does the trick -  in a recent survey of 2,000 women asking which hairstyle they’d “swipe right on,” 28% chose the quiff. Keep your thick locks luxurious with a leave-in conditioner for maximum heartthrob power.

2. The “Caesar” 

Named for Roman emperor and salad enthusiast Julius Caesar, a Caesar cut is a forward-styled cropped fringe with short sides. Adding a taper is an option to make a Caesar cut look more modern. The Caesar is low maintenance, making it great for guys on the go who don’t have time to wait the 45 years it can take for longer thick hair to dry. A dab or two of natural pomade should be all you need to make this look work.

3. The “Textured Crop”

A textured short hairstyle for thick hair is the easy way to go when you want to avoid the aforementioned dreaded helmet of hair look. This style is reliant on texturizing the hair using thinning shears, which decreases the bulk that can look so wrong. Add a little bit of texturizing spray if you’d like and style as your mood dictates.

pompadour haircut for men with thick hair

4. The “Pompadour”

Want a little more length and an unmistakable air of bad boy danger? Perhaps the pompadour is for you. A pompadour is like a quiff in that the hair is left longer on top and shorter on the sides, but a pompadour generally has more length, is styled higher, and is kept neater and slicker. A quiff is usually just teased up in the very front, whereas with a pompadour you’re going for height all the way from front to back. This is great news for thick-haired guys, as you’re going to be able to get that pompadour higher than your thin-haired brethren. You’re going to want a healthy foundation to build this style upon, so take care of your scalp and she’ll be apples!

5. The “Box Fade” 

Were you alerted that the 90s are cool again or was your beeper turned off that day? At any rate, if you’ve got tight, dense, thick curls, now is the time to try out this funky throwback hairstyle. Also known as a high top, the back and the sides of this hairstyle are faded and the top grows up and long, getting styled into a box. For a top-notch box fade, make sure to get a top-notch product like our Matt Mud for the longest and strongest of holds.

We hope this collection of long and short hairstyles for men with thick hair informed and inspired you! With the right haircut and natural hair styling products, the world is your oyster!