6 Steps to Fight Problem Skin

It's been years since you've graduated from high school, and yet you're still experiencing pimples! Fortunately VITAMAN’s  range of natural skincare is designed to take care of men's oily skin and reduce blackheads, blemishes and shine.

Here are 6 steps to combat oily/pimple prone skin

  1. Use a natural, pH balanced facial cleanser morning & night in order to properly care for an oily skin. Make sure to use cool-warm water with the cleanser to remove excess dirt and oil from your skin’s surface.   Never use hot water on an oily skin.

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  1. You can gently exfoliate (scrub) twice a week avoiding any pimple/breakout area.  Exfoliating involves removing dead skin cells and excess oils by using slightly abrasive ingredients.  Always make sure to use one with gentle particles so as not to be too abrasive on the skin which can cause broken capillaries.  VITAMAN’s rounded particles solve this problem.  

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  1. Many guys with oily skin think they shouldn’t use a moisturiser. This is wrong as you still need hydration.  Always apply an oil-free moisturizer to clean skin.   Avoid using any type of oil-based moisturizer.  Remember you need hydration (moisture) not oil!  VITAMAN has two options – Skin Protector for during the day which is a light antioxidant lotion and Face Moisturiser at night giving you hydration which helps fight fine lines and wrinkles (which is a sign of dehydration not your age).

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  1. A face masque applied two to three times a week also helps to dry the oily skin’s surface by removing excess oil as well as shortening a pimples life! Never squeeze pimples.   A masque is a much cleaner, more hygienic way to treat them.  You can apply all over the face or just a little masque on the pimple. 

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  1. Improve oily skin by watching your diet. Excessively fatty or greasy foods can increase the oiliness of your skin and cause blemishes. 
  1. Lastly, it’s important to shower with warm water not hot, as hot showers can also cause breakouts on sensitive and oily skin types. Many guys get breakouts on their backs (known as Bacne) and chests due to long hot showers on their shoulders/upperback/chest.  Try to rotate your body as the heat stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.