How to Choose The Right Face Cleanser for Men

There are only a few things you need to make your face look flawless every day:

The right face cleanser, moisturiser, and just a few minutes of your time is all that's needed to keep your skin feeling and looking healthy and hydrated.

Although serums, scrubs, masks, and other exfoliating products often take all the credit for rejuvenating dull, lifeless skin, you shouldn't neglect the importance of a good cleanser as well!

Today, we'll talk about what to look for in men's face cleansers so you can pick the one that's right for you.

What does a face cleanser actually do?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the job of a face cleanser is to… well… clean the skin!

How do they do this?

The simple answer: They remove excess oil and dirt that build up on the surface of your skin and can quickly clog up your pores.

Taking that one step further, a good facial cleanser will not only clean your skin, but it will also regulate your oil levels, remove free radicals from your pores, and wash away the bacteria that can cause unsightly outbreaks.

And for you bearded gents, washing your beard with a men's face cleanser is one of the simplest ways to prevent the skin underneath from becoming dry, itchy, and irritated, which can lead to beard dandruff (and all sorts of other nasty smells)! 

The face cleanser you choose also sets the stage for the rest of your skincare regimen to ensure they perform exactly as they should.

For this reason, finding the right cleanser is absolutely essential for any man.

What ingredients to avoid in face cleansers

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat,” but are you aware that what you put onto your body can be just as damaging as what you put into your body?!

According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, your skin absorbs an average of 64% of the total contaminants that you put on your skin!

And knowing that the majority of ingredients we put on our skin may very well end up inside of our bodies in one way, shape, or form,  it's critical to verify exactly what’s in our skincare products. 

Here are the top three ingredients you should avoid at all costs:

1. Parabens: These are a family of chemicals used in cosmetics to help prolong their shelf lives.

Companies use them in products that contain biodegradable ingredients in order to prevent and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.

Unfortunately, the chemicals in parabens can also disrupt hormones in the body, causing harm to fertility and reproductive organs as well as increasing your risk of cancer.

2. Artificial Fragrances: Although "fragrance" doesn't sound scary at all, it's a “loophole” term that absolves companies from having to disclose what ingredients they use to make their products smell good.

The term 'fragrance' was developed in an ingredients list to protect a company's trade secrets under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1966.

And while this is terrific for the company, it’s terrible for your skin because these products contain a multitude of chemicals that can cause allergies, hormone disruption, and other more serious health issues, including cardiovascular problems and even cancer.

3. Formaldehyde: Yep, the very same chemical that is used for preserving dead bodies is also used in cosmetics to help them stay fresh longer.

Not only is the thought of this chemical in skincare products a bit morbid, but it is also a known carcinogen that is also linked to asthma, neurotoxicity, and chemical burns.

What ingredients should be included in face cleansers

Now you know what to avoid, you may be wondering what ingredients should be included in your face cleanser. 

Of course, we have got you covered with another list of the top three good ingredients:

1. Citric Acid: Although this sounds like a dangerous chemical, the citric acid in all VITAMAN products is derived from fruit!

Citrus fruit acids help break down and wash away dead skin cells to make room for healthier ones underneath.

The end result: This gives the skin a glowing, healthy appearance.

2. Witch Hazel: This is a natural cleanser that also is filled with incredible anti-bacterial properties, which makes it ideal for a face wash.

Not only that, but this wonder ingredient also has toning properties that can help to firm up the skin, too.

3. Lemon Myrtle Oil: Despite the fact that it's relatively unknown in the U.S, Lemon Myrtle has been used for thousands of years by indigenous Australians as bush food and medicine because of its amazing skin benefits.

It has the natural power to shrink pores and can also prevent them from getting infected due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

How to properly cleanse your face

I know what you're thinking, "I don't need to be told how to wash my face!"

But you might be surprised.

While washing your face sounds simple on the surface, a lot of guys don't actually know how to clean their faces effectively. 

Let me ask you, do you wash your hands before you wash your face?

If not, you might want to start, as researchers found that the average hand is home to roughly 150 types of bacteria! And you might be rubbing that all over your face! Gross, right?! 

So, step one is to wash your hands thoroughly.

The next step is fairly simple: Splash your face with lukewarm water. It's best to avoid hot water as this can dry out your skin. Cold water is also a no-no, too. It can prematurely seal your pores, which, by default, will make your cleanser less efficient.

Now, once you have readied your skin, it's time to start washing your face.

Apply cleanser to the palm of your hands and gently work the product into your skin using circular motions. It's important not to scrub as this can irritate your skin, leaving it red and angry.

Finally, rinse well with lukewarm water again, ensuring that there is no residue from your cleanser left behind.

In general, you should wash your face twice a day - am and pm - but if you're a sporty type, you should do it after your workouts, too. 

Post-cleansing tips

Now that you’ve nailed your face washing routine, what comes next? 

If you remember at the start of the article, we mentioned that the two most important components of your skincare routine are cleansing and moisturising.

It’s no surprise then that the best thing you can do after washing your face is to apply a face moisturiser!

Quality moisturisers are designed to hydrate and renew the skin, leaving your skin looking firmer and healthier.

Applying a moisturiser after washing your face prevents your skin from drying out again because it forms a protective barrier against outside elements, like dirt and cold weather.

But before we wrap up here, you might be wondering, “If only I could find a face wash that has no harmful chemicals and only contains those amazing natural ingredients mentioned above.”

Well, it's your lucky day! Say goodbye to your dull and lifeless skin with our natural face wash for men.

We've formulated our men's cleanser with organic White Tea Extract, Witch Hazel, Lemon Myrtle Oil, and other nutrient-rich ingredients sourced directly from the rugged Australian Outback (which is a nice way of saying that those ingredients cut through dirt and grime effortlessly).

And, because it doesn’t contain alcohol or soap, you don’t have to worry about it drying out your skin, which as a nasty side effect can lead to premature aging.

Trust us, you won’t be disappointed! That’s why it’s one of our top sellers!