How To Choose The Right Hair Product For Men

There aren’t many guys who can roll out of bed in the morning with a stylish head of hair. Granted, we see it in movies, but real life doesn’t work that way.

Unless you’re a fan of bed hair, you’ll need some sort of product to style your locks. But let’s face it, there are so many products out there - from fancy creams to the greasy stuff you used in high school - that it’s hard to know where to start.

Thankfully, like men’s grooming in general, men’s hair care products have come a long way in recent years. So, whether you’ve been blessed with a thick mane or you’re a little thin on top, there’s a product that’s made for you.

Read on to discover how to choose the right hair product for men.

Understand the difference between hold, shine, and texture

Before you shell out money for your product, it pays to get familiar with hair styling terminology. And three of the most common words you’re likely to encounter are hold, shine, and texture.


The holding power of a product is reflected by how flexible your hair is after application. High or strong hold will keep your hair more rigid and in place for longer. Conversely, products with low or medium hold will leave your hair more malleable and easier to adjust.


Shine refers to how your hair will appear after you’ve applied the styling product. Typically, shine can be classed as glossy or wet, or low shine. Products with low shine are often labeled as matte. These products make your hair absorb light and give you a more natural look.


When you hear the term texture, this refers to how your hair looks and feels after you’ve applied the product. Textures are important as they add a multi-dimensional look to your hair. The other advantage of texturizing is that it hides any thinning of your hair.

Best men’s hairstyling product for thin hair

If you’re a tad follicly challenged, there’s no need to rush in for a hair transplant. However, it does mean you’ll have to select your hair products with a little more diligence.

The focus for thinning or receding hair is all about texture and volume. And the ultimate goal of any styling product should be to reduce weight as much as possible. This is bad news if you’re trying to pull off a Leonardo DiCaprio-esque slick back, as heavy and shiny pomades should be avoided.

Instead, what you want are lightweight hair styling products. Look for water-based creams, lotions, hair sprays, and mousses that add volume without weighing your hair down. These products are designed to create body and volume for hair that’s super fine or receding.

Best hair product for men with thick hair

If you’re lucky enough to have thick hair, the last thing you want to do is use a cheap product that’s made for thin hair. Seriously, you can do better than that!

For guys with a full head of hair, you need a product that keeps your luscious feathers in check. Clays, waxes, and pomades will give you the right amount of hold, while a light splash of sea salt spray helps to maintain your hair’s texture. Keep in mind that you should avoid products that have parabens and alcohol in their ingredients.

Pomades are generally creamier than waxes, which makes them perfect for thick and curly hair. They range from light-medium to light-hard hold and are used for defining and grouping wavy, straight, and curly hair.


Best men’s hair product for a natural look

If you’re looking to embrace a more natural style, then you can’t go wrong with a decent clay. In fact, it’s a must for just about anyone rocking a short back and sides.

As well as adding thickness to your hair, clays provide lasting hold throughout the day. With their natural, matte finish, you also avoid the shiny look that comes with many gels and pastes.

While clay can be used for just about any hairstyle choice, be mindful not to apply too much. This is because it can cause the hair to clump, which will make you look like you’ve gone overboard on the product. By applying a little clay, you can add subtle texture to your hair.

Along with clays, hair creams are a good option for a natural look. Creams are ideal for low hold and simple hairstyles that don’t require a stack of volume and height.


Men’s hairstyling product for medium length hair

Here’s the thing about most pomades, waxes, and pastes: they’re generally made for guys with short hair. Because these products are designed to offer a strong hold, they’re meant to be washed out daily. And this can be rough on medium length hair.

If you’ve got medium-length or long hair, try to limit your use of strong hold waxes, pomades, and pastes. Instead, use a versatile hair putty, water-based pomade, or hair cream.

Not only do hair creams give your hair strength and flexibility, but they also provide a quality low hold. This means you don’t get the greasiness or stiffness caused by many gels and waxes.

To give your hair an extra hit of style, you can also opt to use a sea salt spray. As one of the newest products in men’s hairstyling, sea salt sprays give your hair volume, shine, and texture. Plus, they’re specifically designed for medium-length and long hair.


Best styling product for men’s wavy hair

Guys with wavy hair can get excellent results from both pomades and creams. These products work well because they’re high in moisture and give your hair a slightly wet finish. On the flip side, you want to steer clear of products like gels and clays that can dry your hair out.

Unlike many gels, pomades won’t make your hair hard or crunchy. This gives you the advantage of being able to restyle your hair throughout the day.

When shopping for a pomade, try to select a high-quality water-based product. Although water-based pomades may not provide the same level of hold as the oil-based variety, they will still keep your hair firmly in place. Plus, they wash out easily with water.

What is the best product to keep hair in place?

Depending on the length and type of your, different products will provide the most optimal hold. However, if you’ve opted for a lighter-weight product as your foundation, then hair spray will lock your hairstyle in place.

Hairsprays are useful for all hair types and come in both strong hold and low hold. They work to keep your hair in place and also protect against environmental factors like humidity.

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