Male celebrities skincare routines

Celebrities - they’re just like us!

Except they have heaps of money, private jets, and live-in full-time staff to care for every aspect of their wellbeing.

Still, even the brokest battler can learn a thing or two from researching male celebrity skincare routines.

These blokes make their living off of their gorgeous mugs, so of course taking care of their largest organ (the skin) is going to be their top priority.

Let’s check out some celebrity skincare tips together, shall we?

celebrity skincare routines

Pharrell Williams

Rapper/producer/entrepreneur Pharrell Williams told the world just how important skincare is to him in a 2014 interview. He said supermodel Naomi Campbell pulled him aside years ago to emphasize the importance of regularly going to the dermatologist. She also told him to stop using bodgy drugstore products. Of course that’s a sentiment we agree with 100%!

Pharrell uses a top-notch facial cleanser and washes with cold water to close his pores. Speaking of top-notch facial cleansers, we happen to have the best natural men’s face cleanser ourselves.



David Beckham

Good old Becks, bringing blue steel and glamour to the international sports table since the early nineties. Is it any wonder with a camera-ready wife like Posh Spice that Davey here takes excellent care of his skin?

Of his skincare routine, he once said “I cleanse, I moisturize, I’m in and out in seven minutes.”

While we hope for Posh’s sake that he takes more than seven minutes going in and out in other areas of his life, we do respect the spirit of his message - that it doesn’t have to take forever to take care of your skin.

Looking for a moisturiser worthy of a GQ-featured soccer legend? We've got you covered, mate!


George Clooney

Georgie boy is 58 years old and is still as much of a heartthrob as he was in his “ER” days.

He insists that he doesn’t do anything extravagant to take care of his skin, just lots of spas, steam rooms, and good old Ivory Soap. We suspect the spas and the steam have a little more to do with it than the Ivory.

For those of you without a cavernous villa on Italy’s beautiful Lake Como that likely has a built-in spa and steam room, try a little bit of spa luxury at home with our men's face mask.



John Stamos

Has any other actor so solidly connected uncledom to hunkdom?

We challenge you to think of one other hunkle as prominent as Uncle Jesse (sorry Uncle Joey, at least you dated Alanis Morrisette) Another expert on staying handsome into your fifties and beyond, John Stamos joked to People Magazine that he sold his soul to the devil as a child for a pack of gum and, presumably, eternal youth.

He also said he always tries to stay out of the sun. If there’s one thing we Aussies can all agree on, it’s that sun protection is a must.

Summer is the harshest season for sun damage and is perpetually around the corner, so check out our summertime skin care tips. And to prevent damage, give our Skin Protector serum a go.


Ryan Seacrest

Perennial host Ryan Seacrest has dodged rumors of Injectables and other plastic surgeries for years. He finally addressed the source of his boyish good looks on The Ryan Seacrest Show - sheep placenta under eye cream.

Now this is an Australian company, not one from New Zealand, so we’re not swimming in sheep byproducts like our kiwi brethren whose nation contains more sheep than people. But we do have a fabulous under eye serum for tired eyes, bags, and under eye circles. Not too baaaaaaaa-ad if we say so ourselves.



We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about these celebrity male skincare routines. If you’re a bit overwhelmed with all of the skincare product options, we suggest trying out our Skincare Essentials Kit to start.

Will it make you famous? We can’t guarantee that, but feel free to start looking into agents, just in case.