Skincare Tips for Mature Skin

Let's start with the bad news - your body’s production of collagen (the protein that gives your skin elasticity) has been in steady decline since you turned 30.

Your skin’s natural exfoliation process is also decreasing, meaning your dead skin cells stick together for longer periods of time.

As you hit 40, your skin becomes thinner and more susceptible to smoke, pollution and environmental damage. Your skin is also becoming dehydrated which means more wrinkles.

And to add to your challenges, as you approach 50, your skin takes between 2-3 months to regenerate.

But all is not lost - your skin just needs a little extra extra help.

The good news is that it’s neither too late nor too complicated to start making healthy, bright and fresh skin a reality - and in today's guide, we're going to show you how. 

Tips for men with mature skin

  • Look for pH balanced products - pH is the level of acids and bases in your blood at which your body functions best. Maintaining healthy pH levels helps prevent aging and keeps your face clear of irritation.

  • Ditch the soap - soap gets you clean but also strips your skin or its natural moisture barrier, leaving you with flaky, scaly and itchy skin. Use a natural, gentle pH balanced cleanser instead

  • Get enough sleep - if you oversleep or stay up a few hours later than normal, you'll find your skin dull and pale. This paleness makes the blood vessels under your eyelids more apparent. Lack of sleep causes fluid buildup under your eyelids which makes them appear puffy.

  • Apply a cold compress - a cold compress is not only soothing, it shrinks dilated blood vessels and reduces the appearance of eye bags. You'll see an instant difference - wrap a few ice-cubes in a clean cloth and apply it to your eyes. Ideally, stand outside in your garden or on a balcony and let the wind cool down your eyes..

Best ingredients for mature skin

First up, you should avoid products containing chemicals and artificial fragrances. These can strip your skin of its natural oil (sebum), leaving it irritated and dry. And dry skin means wrinkles! 

Avoid the following:

  1. Parabens

  2. Artificial Fragrance/Parfum

  3. Phthalates

  4. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

  5. Alcohol

Look for natural ingredients, like:

  1. Sea Salt - de-clogs your pores and relieves congestion that contributes to ingrown hairs and acne)

  2. ARGIRELINE® - a safer, cheaper, and milder alternative to injections, ARGIRELINE® reduces the depth of wrinkles on your face, especially in the forehead and around your eyes. ARGIRELINE® also stimulates collagen production, further helping to keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free for improving skin texture and tone

  3. Macadamia Nut Oil - acts as a moisturizer for dry or aging skin and it softens the skin by supplying it with essential fatty acids)

  4. Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - helps moisturize your skin and can treat various skin conditions like acne, eczema, and sunburn)

  5. Coconut Oil -has antioxidant properties and assists in soothing and calming your skin. It also reduces inflammation, moisturizes your skin, and softens stubble

  6. Walnut Shell Powder - gently exfoliates dry and dead skin cells on the body

  7. Silica - an essential nutrient for connective tissue in the skin. It is vital for optimal collagen synthesis and skin elasticity

  8. Vitamin E - provides deep moisturizing to soften dry skin

  9. Cinnamon Leaf Oil - calms dry skin, treats acne and rashes, and nourishes your skin

  10. Patchouli Oil - tones, tightens, and smoothes skin. It also helps reduce irritated skin and blemishes

  11. Cedarwood Bark Oil - has a balancing effect on the skin's sebaceous glands - whether they are over or under-active - making it excellent for dry or oily skin

  12. White Leaf Extract - has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and can strengthen and protect the skin matrix as well as provides partial protection from UV damage caused by the sun

Skincare routine for men's mature skin​

  1. Cleanse twice a day - morning and night: Use a body cleanser made from natural ingredients (remember - no soap!).

  2. Exfoliate twice weekly - apply a nickel-sized amount of a natural face scrub onto the palm of your hand.

    Rub your hands together, spreading the scrub on both palms then apply to your face and neck area.

    Add some water to your fingertips and gently massage the Scrub in small, circular motions for 10-20 seconds. Rinse your face with water and pat dry.

  3. Prevent - apply an anti wrinkle serum nightly - before bed. Use your fingertips to gently smooth the serum onto your face, neck and eyelid area.

  4. Protect - Moisturize twice daily - morning and night. As part of your daily routine, apply face moisturizer last. 

    Dispense a pea-sized amount of face moisturizer onto your fingertips. Apply lightly to your face using your fingertips. Try not to stretch the skin as you apply.