What Does Shaving Cream Do? And Why You Need To Use It.

Ask just about any guy, and they’ll tell you that shaving isn’t the most exciting task in the world. It’s one of those things that you have to do, like brushing your teeth, paying your taxes, and basically being a grown-up. 

As a general rule, most guys don’t spend a massive amount of time on their grooming habits. And this extends to their shaving routine. They simply wake up, splash some water across their mug, whip out a bit of shaving cream, and start shaving.   

Hands up if you’ve ever tried to shave without any shaving cream? Not exactly pleasant, is it? And don’t get us started on the shaving rash…

This leads us to the question: What does shaving cream actually do? And do you really need to be using it?

What does shaving cream do? 

A quality shave requires the right technique and products— - including shaving cream. Whilst it might take a little more time and effort, the results are absolutely worth it!  

Shaving cream works as a protective layer between your razor and your skin. When you shave, you’re forcefully removing hair from its follicle. Sounds hardcore, right? 

By adding shaving cream into the mix, you’re cushioning the blow, which makes shaving a whole lot easier on your skin. 

Therefore, shaving cream offers a few key shaving benefits, including:

It softens facial hairs

One of the key benefits of shaving cream is that it softens your facial hair. Unlike the hair on your head (if you still have any left), your facial hair is controlled by hormones. That’s why it’s significantly thicker than your other hair. 

Due to the thickness of facial hair, it’s much more challenging to cut. This is especially true when you’re going for the ‘babyface’ look of a close shave. By softening your facial hair with shaving cream, however, it becomes easier for your razor to work its magic and cut through your beard. 

It lubricates and protects the skin

Not only is your facial hair harder to cut, but it also contrasts with the natural texture of your skin. In other words, your facial hair is rough as guts while your skin is smooth and soft. Because these two textures lie on top of each other, trying to cut the hairs closely and not rip chunks out of your skin is no easy feat.

Shaving cream adds a buffer of protection that lets you cut stubborn hairs precisely, all while minimising damage to your skin. So, as your razor glides across your skin, you’re only removing a layer of shaving cream and not a layer of your face! 

Shaving cream also has the added bonus of acting as a lubricant. By reducing friction between the blade and skin, you’re less like to end up with post-shave nasties like shaving rash and itching.  

It moisturises the skin

Did you know that a wet shave is one of the most common causes of dry skin? Why’s this, you ask? It’s because prolonged exposure to heat draws moisture away from the skin on your face.

Shaving cream protects against this by helping your skin avoid getting too dry during a shave. And as an added benefit, it also soothes your skin to help counteract the harsh effects of shaving. 

Are shaving foam and shaving cream the same?

This is one question that confuses a lot of guys! The most obvious point of difference is that shaving cream does not come in a can, unlike its foam-based cousin.

If you see an aerosol can of shaving cream, it’s really just shaving foam in disguise. 

While the air inside a can will make the lather thick and pillowy, it only serves to make shaving more difficult. As a result, you have to apply added pressure to the razor, which will quickly increase the amount of razor burn and irritation you experience. 

Shaving foams typically contain higher amounts of alcohol as well, which draws even more moisture out of your skin. This is another reason why you should steer clear of it altogether, especially if you have sensitive skin. In contrast, shaving creams tend to have a low alcohol content and also contains glycerine, which locks moisture into your skin. 

If you want a ready-made lather that’s straight out of the container, skip the foam and select a shaving cream. You’ll be getting all the convenience of shaving foam, without damaging your handsome face. 

What are the ingredients in shaving cream?

Chances are you’ve read the ingredients on your shaving cream, only to have no idea what they are. While some ingredients are what you’d call essential, others are really only fillers with little to no real benefits. Just be sure to stay away from shaving creams that contain skin irritants like sulphates and parabens. 

The performance of your shaving cream is typically a good indication of whether the right blend of ingredients and concentrations has been used. 

In most ‘off-the-shelf’ shaving creams, you’re likely to find an emulsion of oils, soaps or surfactants, and water. Lather shaving creams include a humectant for a softer consistency, which helps to keep the lather moisturised. 

On the other hand, brushless shaving creams don't contain soap, which is why they don't produce lather. They’re an oil-in-water mixture to which humectants, wetting agents, and other ingredients are added.

Aerosol shaving creams which, again, you really want to avoid, are generally a lather shaving cream in liquid form with propellants, vegetable waxes, and various oils added to give it its foamy consistency.

Higher-end shaving creams often contain ingredients like aqua (water), stearic acid, myristic acid, potassium hydroxide, coconut acid, glycerine, triethanolamine, and sodium hydroxide. Whilst many of these ingredients might sound scary, just know that they’re much more suitable for your skin. 

Is shaving cream good for your skin?

As well as taking the pain out of your daily shave, shaving cream has a host of benefits for your skin. As mentioned already, it works as a lubricating and moisturizing agent for your skin during a shave. This helps protect your skin from unnecessary damage and irritation.

High-quality shaving creams, actively moisturise your skin and soften facial hair. This means you don’t need to apply as much pressure to your razor to achieve a clean shave. And as we all know, less pressure means fewer cuts!

Is shaving cream good for your hair?

Shaving cream helps to lubricate your hair while you shave, which makes those rough, wiry hairs softer and easier to cut. And don’t worry fellas, shaving cream is in no way dangerous to any of your other hair. 

For anyone rocking the Vin Diesel look, shaving cream can safely be used to shave the top of your head, too. 

Is shaving cream better than shaving gel?

The number one difference between shaving cream and shaving gel is the lather. Whereas a traditional shaving cream is meant to be mixed with water and worked into a lather, shaving gels are typically thicker and can be used as they are. 

Onto the question of which is better? This is a line-ball decision. Shaving gels tend to be fractionally better at lubricating, which is why they’re often a go-to product for guys with sensitive skin. Also, many guys with designer sideburns or goatees opt for a shaving gel because they’re generally clear. This makes it easier to see where you’re shaving. 

So long as the cream or gel you use is made with high-quality ingredients (and not the crap in a can), you can enjoy a superior shave without harming your skin.

What is the best shaving cream?

The right shaving cream can do wonders for your appearance and your confidence. It can transform the daily grind of shaving into a process that actually leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh, and invigorated. 

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