When Should Men Start Using Anti-Aging Products?

From building a fire to changing a car tyre and learning how to become a gentleman, our dads are there with every step of the way. However, one thing your pops may not have passed down to you is the importance of skincare, especially when it comes to anti-aging products. 

Traditionally, these products were associated with women, leaving many men oblivious to their benefits. As a result, many men (including you or your dear old Dad) may be facing premature aging, and it's time to put an end to that!

In this article, we'll break down the importance of anti-aging skincare for men and when to start incorporating it into your daily routine.

Should men use anti-aging skincare products? 

Absolutely! Wrinkles don't discriminate based on gender. And besides, today's man should know the value of self-care, and skincare is a crucial part of that. 

With high-definition cameras everywhere, you can't escape the signs of aging staring back at you from the screen. Plus, we've all had those awkward Zoom meetings where we couldn't help but notice those fine lines and wrinkles. But fear not, we've got you covered!

When should men start using anti-aging skincare products? 

While teenagers might not be concerned about wrinkles, it's never too early to think about preventative measures. 

As we age, our skin's production of collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for firmness and elasticity, decreases. This leads to thinner and saggy skin, coupled with damage caused by lifestyle choices.

Though visible signs of aging may not appear until the thirties or later, the aging process begins earlier. As they say, prevention is better than a cure. So, the ideal time to start using anti-aging skincare products is in your twenties, before significant damage occurs.

When is it too late to start using anti-aging products? 

If you're reading this and thinking you might be past the recommended age to start, fret not! It's never too late to benefit from anti-aging products. While early prevention is best, even mature skin can see positive changes with the right regimen.

Proper hydration is key to maintaining youthful skin. Dry skin tends to show more lines, looks dull, and is more susceptible to damage. So, make sure you include a top-quality facial moisturiser, such as VITAMAN Face Moisturiser, with natural ingredients in your daily routine.

What speeds up signs of aging in men? 

To maintain youthful skin, consider these three crucial tips:

  • Sun protection: Excessive sun exposure damages the skin and accelerates aging. Protect yourself by wearing sunscreen and appropriate clothing to shield your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Quit smoking: Aside from the obvious health risks, smoking also hastens the aging process. Kick the habit to preserve your skin's vitality.
  • Stay hydrated: Moisturising from the outside is essential, but don't forget to hydrate from within. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin supple and healthy.

How should men use anti-aging skincare products? 

Incorporate anti-aging products into your daily skincare routine as directed. Most wrinkle creams and serums are applied once or twice a day for optimal results.

For an intense hydration boost, consider VITAMAN Daily Hydrating Serum Packed with vitamins A, B3, double Vitamin C (including stable C's like Kakadu Plum and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), and Vitamin E, this serum is supercharged with antioxidants. It penetrates the skin easily without leaving a greasy residue, making it an excellent serum for all skin types. Apply one to two pumps of the serum to your fingertips and gently smooth it onto your face, neck, and eyelid area.

For Normal to Dry Skin: Follow up with VITAMAN Face Moisturiser for added hydration and protection.

For Oily Skin: The VITAMAN Daily Hydrating Serum can serve as your hydrating moisturiser. For enhanced results, proceed to the last Prevent step with VITAMAN Eye & Lip Serum.

No matter your skin type, incorporating a serum is essential in your skincare routine. VITAMAN Wrinkle Smoother Serum is perfect for the entire face. Apply one to two pumps of the serum to your fingertips and lightly press and smooth it onto your face, neck, and eyelid area every night. Follow up with VITAMAN Eye & Lip Serum and Face Moisturiser for comprehensive anti-aging care.

The delicate skin around the eyes and lips requires special attention. VITAMAN Eye & Lip Serum is a treatment serum designed to repair, restore, rejuvenate, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The new supercharged formula contains Niacinamide (Vit B3) and Retinol Palmitate (Vitamin A) for enhanced results. Apply one pump of the serum to your pointer fingertip, gently transfer half to your other pointer fingertip, and smooth it under your eyes, towards your nose, blending up over your eyelids in a circle. Be gentle and avoid stretching the delicate eye area. Finish by applying the serum over your lips and around your mouth area every morning and night after your Face Moisturiser.

For a touch of liquid gold, add OZ C Vitamin C Serum to your routine. This pure concentrated stable Kakadu plum, along with additional Vitamin C in Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Niacinamide (Vit B3), and Hyaluronic Acid, provides a potent dose of antioxidants. Use one pump a day in the morning and evening or two pumps at night for best results. The serum lasts one month when used according to the recommended directions.

In summary, men shouldn't shy away from anti-aging skincare. It's never too early or too late to start caring for your skin. Embrace self-care, start your anti-aging journey, and incorporate these proven incredible VITAMAN products into your daily routine for youthful, healthy skin. Your future self will thank you!\