How To Guide: Shave Gel

    Shave Gel
    Whenever You Shave

    • With the Shave Oil and Shave Gel applied then
      Shave in small strokes, with the beard growth, using a hot razor blade.
    • Rinse the shave products off with cool water and then follow with After Shave Balm and Moisturizer.


    • This is a low lather gel – purposely without harsh foaming chemicals
    • Suitable for those with problem/sensitive skin allowing you to shave around sensitive areas (such as acne, moles and scars).
    • Always use the hottest razor blade possible – as hot steel cuts more efficiently than cold steel.
    • Analyse the way your beard grows. Shave with the direction then across the direction, try not to shave against as that lifts too much skin and can cause razor burn.